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We are an NYC-based video production company. We tell the stories of remarkable brands and leaders in business and life.


We partner with founders, CEOs, and driven creatives in a variety of fields on full-service productions. Our portfolio includes product launches, social media promos, founder interviews, client testimonials, and television and web series content. Scroll through for a taste of the highlights.


Our founder, Lani Neumann, has 15+ years producing and directing for major networks such as MTV, OWN, The Travel Channel, and TLC. Her portfolio includes global brands like Swedish Fish, Budweiser, Almay, and Mountain Dew as well as comedians, Broadway performers, and boutique business owners.

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About us

If you want to stand out in a crowded market, attract high-end clients, and take your business to the next level, you need powerful video content. We’ll help you connect with bigger audiences and engage viewers’ hearts, minds and wallets using well-told, professionally crafted stories. Because facts tell, stories sell.

What People Are Saying
“As a fitness professional for over 15 years, I’ve dealt with thousands of people. Most people lack the passion and commitment to make ideas come to life—but Lani doesn’t. Her fortitude and expertise mean that she was able to take my ideas and show everyone what I saw inside of my head.”
Owner, The Training Lab
“Lani is a seasoned dynamo who doesn’t miss a trick and delivers mind-blowing quality. There’s a reason she has produced and directed for major networks like MTV, TLC, OWN, and Travel Channel, but now she is available for your personal or business needs! From meticulous editing to running down Broadway alongside you, she and her crew don’t miss a thing—and the result is top-notch, television-ready videos you’ll be proud to show off."
Maureen Langan
Award Winning Journalist
"Lani brings a positive energy and joyful spirit to every project, while having the confidence and instincts to make critical decisions in real time. She’s adept at "coming home with the show" no matter what."
Dylan Edgar
Executive Producer, Mustache
"Lani Neumann is simply amazing from start to finish. Her pre-production is organized, collaborative, creative, and enthusiastic. During shoot days, she directs with a firm hand but a light touch, keeping focused on the plan but leaving room for magic to happen. In post, she has a strong vision but understands how all elements combine. It has been an absolute joy to work with her, and if I could have her on ALL of my projects, I would!"
Annie Edgerton
Wine Minx

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